I Was Diagnosed with ADHD

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Should ADHD be treated with medications? Tell us in the comments!

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was little.

My parents would wonder why I was always fidgety and could never sit still. My mom had me put on medication and I was taking them for a while.

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The first time I managed to go a whole day without my ADHD medication when my dad made me act. I choose to be a zombie. It felt good, I could adjust and I didn’t feel strange anymore.

That helps me today, I have my 3 kids to keep me going each and every day. It turns out that I just can’t sit still. The best thing for me is to keep myself busy, do things and I can get through a day without even thinking that I have ADHD.

Many of my friends have ADD, so I have people around me that understand how I feel. Actually, my sister was diagnosed with ADD, so I guess it runs in the family.

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Sometimes is hard living with this condition, but I know that I am strong and I will do everything I can to help myself. It is a lot easier for me when I don’t take the medication and when I do things to keep myself busy.

The struggle is real, but it is not impossible to be better and feel better without any medication.

Should ADHD be treated with medications? Tell us in the comments!

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